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This is me

Hi I’m Kelly! 


I’ve spent the past 25 years or so in advertising, media and tech across a range of companies from agencies to corporates to start ups.  I’m fascinated by the convergence of privacy and technology and the surrounding debate across advertising, media and digital.

I love to simplify and de-riddle privacy to take away the fear factor!

Privacy policies  Writing 
Data Mapping  Public Speaking

 Training   Vendor assessments

Future proofing    GDPR & CCPA

Data Protection Impact Assessments

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I advise companies
on data protection and compliance

All forward-thinking businesses are thinking about privacy due to a culmination of factors. It makes business sense with 97% of companies agree they are gaining benefits such as competitor advantage or investor appeal from their investments in privacy (Cisco Consumer Privacy Survey 2019); privacy legislation including Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA and Brazil’s LGPD; and many businesses are putting privacy at the heart of their business - just look at brand-genius Apple!

I want to help you by setting your business up for success. In our drive for success and launching new products, companies need someone to work with them to ensure that those “i”s are dotted and those “t”s are crossed, someone to ensure they can be successful without putting the organisation at risk.


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